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About BB Becker

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When you wear a piece of BB Becker jewelry, you’re not just wearing an accessory. You’re wearing a deeply spiritual eco-conscious piece of poetry in silver. Becker’s designs, are recycled .925 Sterling silver, embody universal life forces. The Tai Chi master infuses each piece with the universal energy of harmony and grace so that when you wear one, you feel your energy lifted. Every fine sterling silver piece begins and ends with love. BB scours antique book shops where he finds inspirational quotes in out of print books. Together, Jo and BB choose the literary gems that they know will touch your heart.

Jo transcribes the message in her distinctive handwriting. Then, BB carries it in his pocket, sometimes for days, letting it speak to him. He reflects on the words and senses their vibrations before beginning to sketch. He draws on the spiral movements, flow, energy, and balance of his extensive Tai Chi training to create a design that perfectly complements the words. BB pioneered a proprietary engraving process that paved the way for all engraved inspirational quotation jewelry in America. He combines that with age-old techniques like high-polishing and hand-forging to create a finished work of art. The jewelry carries meaning in part because the brand started with the couple’s own love story. When BB first met Jo in the mid ‘80s, he deconstructed thrift store jewelry to create one-of-a-kind gifts for her. Life changing visits to ancient Mayan temples and the Rosetta Stone prompted the couple to embrace the age-old communication technique of engraving. In 2001, BB and Jo embarked on a business venture in Denver. They engraved BB’s favorite quote, the Serenity Prayer, on a bracelet. It was such a big hit that they continued collecting inspirational thoughts from spiritual leaders and influential historical figures.

BB Becker jewelry experienced a popularity surge in 2012 when the UK Military Wives Choir featured a BB Becker bracelet as the opening shot in its hit song, Wherever You Are. A UK woman whose son was serving in Afghanistan had given her daughter-in-law the bracelet as a gift. The words, “There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart,” were perfect for a military couple. Marketwatch reported on the inspiring story.

These are the types of stories that encourage BB and Jo to continue creating inspirational jewelry. “We love when people tell us ‘I’m never taking this off. It’s too meaningful,” said BB. “As a Tai Chi instructor BB Becker merely set out to share words from all the great spiritual teachers, in his own artistic way.” Wall Street Journal Marketwatch – Al Lewis” “BB Becker is a jewelry company that has made a big impact on the gift industry... Paving the way of all engraved word jewelry in the gift market today.” Gift and Decorative Accessories Magazine – Kathy Krassner



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