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BB Becker Testimonials

I actually just got engaged about a month ago and I'm planning to ask my sister, Danielle, to be my maid of honor. I haven't formally asked her yet, but I was thinking of buying her some kind of ring -- Rings are the only jewelry she really loves. I saw the "Yours and Mine" double band ring on your site, and I thought that was really appropriate to give her as a way of asking her to be my Maid of Honor. She is my best friend, sister and business partner and we are so much the same. BB - My sis absolutely loved the ring!!! It fit her perfectly and it was such as amazing way to ask her to be my MOH. I cannot thank you enough. Everyone is asking where she got it and we are spreading the word about your lovely line. If there's anything I can help you with in the future, please let me know!

Dorothy C.

"A woman purchased the “Guardian Angel” ring from me this time last year. She was telling me how she was at her lowest ebb in life, hence her decision to buy the ring. This morning, she came to see me again, still wearing her “Guardian Angel” ring, but also showed me her new engagement ring!! She’s since met the man of her dreams and said her life has been transformed since last year and said she has never taken her “Guardian Angel” ring off her finger since she bought it! It means so much to her." ~ David Baker, River Oak Diamonds, Gateshead, U.K.

David Baker

River Oak Diamonds, Gateshead, U.K.


“I love my piece that was given to me by my best friend and soul sister. I have referred your website to many people after they have read my necklace and thought it was beautiful that I wear her thoughts about me around my neck. I always wear it if I wake up and feel low because I am reminded all day that I am loved. I was given your beautiful jewelry as a gift and know I am giving it, thanks for inspiring through jewelry.”

Christa M.

San Marcos, CA

Thank you... Your ordering process was short and successful! My husband ordered "Song of Songs" as a gift for me for Mother's Day and I received it two days later. He ordered it May 4 and was sure that he would have to make excuses as to why it would not be here by Mother's Day... but it was! You made a husband and wife very happy. The piece is beautiful and appreciated! P.S. we have been married 42 years!

Diane M.

Cherry Hill, NJ

I absolutely LOVE BB Becker jewelry! Thank you for making such wonderful pieces. My sister and I both have pieces that we enjoy very much.

Emily R.

Toronto, Canada

Your new collection is just lovely! I so love the piece that my husband has purchased for me! I’m looking forward to my next BB Becker piece – but just which one will it be…?

Melissa H.

Lakewood, Colorado

I received my bracelet today and wanted to thank you for restoring it. It looks great! It sounds silly, but I’ve actually missed wearing it. I’m sure you could tell by the number of scratches and dings that I wear the bracelet every day. Thank you again and I promise to polish it MUCH less frequently in the future.

Brian P.

Knoxville, Tennessee

I am giving two pieces of your jewelry as gifts and would love an insert about the artist. Is there any way you could send something that I can print and enclose with the gifts? I love your pieces; I own three myself.

Anne F.


My two best friends and I celebrated all our birthdays yesterday and each have one of your gorgeous pieces to mark the celebration. All the best

Debbie F.

Santa Monica, California

I found your jewelry on the Internet and I am totally in love with it. The pieces are so gorgeous.

Michelle C.

N. Potomac, Maryland

I am trying to find a location to purchase your jewelry. With graduation approaching your jewelry would make a spectacular gift!

Cathy  H.


Greetings from Germany, I discovered the beautiful BB Becker collection one week ago when I was in the USA. It is so indescribable and there is nothing in Germany that compares.

Claudia  W.

Regensburg, Germany

I was given a gift of the Omar Khayyam “Be Happy” necklace purchased from a store on St. Armand’s Circle, Florida. My daughter was married in Sarasota last weekend and the necklace was her thank you gift to me. It is something I will always treasure. I have been stopped in the airport, restaurants, various malls, on the beach, etc. because people just love the way the necklace looks. Once they read it, they thoroughly fall in love. Now that I’ve returned home to NJ, my fellow teachers are also in love with the necklace and want to know where they can purchase one. A very happy owner of one of your products!

Elynn S.

Wayside, New Jersey

My mother bought two of these bracelets, sometime during 2005 before November 10th. She died suddenly that day but already had these wrapped for my sister and me for Christmas. We never take them off. Her last gifts to us. We are wondering where she purchased them. She lived in Wyomissing, PA and had a condo in Stone Harbor, NJ. Would you be so kind as to send me a list of places where she would have found this beautiful bracelet? Her name was Rose Mulligan. We would just like to go to the shop where she bought them for us.

Michele P.

Brockton, Massachusetts

I received a BB Becker bracelet many years ago from a great friend who removed me from a terrible foster home. I wore the bracelet religiously, as you would assume, the bracelet is now torn apart. Having now finished my first year of college, the engraved piece sits in a string around my neck at all times. Today, I entered a locally owned boutique shop and saw the very same bracelet lying behind glass. If the designer ever gets wind of this, tell him the piece is beautiful and that its beauty represents more than words can describe. I am ever so grateful.

Anonymous ~


I couldn’t wait to write you! My Mother purchased the ‘Dear Daughter’ pendant for me for Valentine’s Day, and it just arrived. We added a pearl to it and it is beyond extraordinary. As an only child my Mom and I have always had a special relationship, the quote on the piece is absolutely perfect for the bond we share. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Brandi F.

Wichita, KS


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