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The BB Becker booth at the Boulder Creek Festival, Memorial Day Weekend, was a great success!  It was so wonderful to talk to our customers face to face.  We enjoyed countless moments of touching inspiration and stories passed back and forth with all the fabulous people we met.  One woman in particular, stopped at our booth just to say, "Thank you for the wonderful work  you do, healing the world."  (Tikkun Olam) Her comment warmed our hearts and was greatly appreciated.  


A number of festival goers were so suprised to see us there and came up to the booth to display the BB Becker peices previously purchased at Curiosities and Starfish on their hands, wrists and necks!  It was great!


Our sweetest vistors were the little girls who would patiently read every quote within reach.  BB especially loved to hear them read aloud the "Guardian Angel" quote.  "I am sending an angel ahead of you to guide you along the way."


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