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BB Becker developed an early fascination with ancient cultures and a love of art while attending City As School, an alternative experiential learning high school program in New York City. “My learning ground was the City’s great art institutions.” The Museum of Modern Art, the Brooklyn Museum, and the Museum of Natural History took me away from the projects in Coney Island and allowed me to studyancient civilizations and impressionistic art while gaining high school credit.

Becker’s early exposure to art and culture created a desire to travel and for more than a decade he visited the great museums of the world and many ancient sites. As Becker studied the repeating themes of antiquities and hieroglyphic scripts, he developed an appreciation for the efforts of humanity over the ages to communicate through words and images chiseled on hard surfaces. His observations led him to believe that the great faith traditions share a universal oneness and that humankind has a compelling need to leave a permanent record of its belief system.

Becker first began to design jewelry in the mid-1980s by obtaining used items from thrift stores and antique shops, tearing them down and reconstructing the components to form personal jewelry for his wife. He found himself at a personal and professional crossroads. A trip to an ancient Mayan site opened a pathway for him to follow through with his jewelry. He crafted his first piece in September of 2000, a bracelet inscribed with the Serenity Prayer, which led to other meaningful quotations and new pieces.

The first step in design for Becker is the gathering of quotations that offer inspiration, comfort, or wisdom. Next, Becker’s wife, Josephine writes the quote and Becker carries it in his pocket, pondering until he has created the design that will be its resting place. Studying and practicing Chen style Tai Chi for over 30 years, the spiral movements, flow, energy and balance lend Becker’s designs natural harmony and grace. Each piece illustrates his devotion to quality workmanship, long-lasting beauty and the power of words.

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