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BB Becker is a small jewelry company that has made a big impact on the gift industry.  BY KATHY KRASSNER



BB BECKER"S TAGLINE IS "HEALING THE WORLD WITH WORDS." Thanks to founder Mark Becker, the company's line of inspirational jewelry engraved with messages of love, joy, and peace is helping to do just that.


Becker (know as "BB" for the BB gun he carried around his tough Brooklyn neighborhood in his youth) launched his eponymous company in May 2002 with just 12 bracelets engraved with quotes and prayers such as the "Serenity Prayer".  He had no previous retail or wholesale experience - having held various positions as a flight attendant, actor and Tai Chi instructor - when he decided to turn his hobby of designing jewelry for his wife, using reconstructed used pieces, into a career.


At the time, Becker was unaware that someone in California had laid claim to engraving words on jewelry and would sue others trying to sell such items, including BB Becker....



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If you are going to be in the Boulder area on  Saturday, August 25, come hang out with us at the Starfish Local Designer Soiree.  Meet the designer and see some of our latest offerings. We'd love to see you there!  

Starfish Soiree 2012 Invitation

By ocean magazine — July 06, 2012        Read the Article at OceanMagazine.com

BB Becker developed an early fascination with ancient cultures and a love of art while attending City As School, an alternative experiential learning high school program in New York City. “My learning ground was the City’s great art institutions.” The Museum of Modern Art, the Brooklyn Museum, and the Museum of Natural History took me away from the projects in Coney Island and allowed me to studyancient civilizations and impressionistic art while gaining high school credit.

The BB Becker booth at the Boulder Creek Festival, Memorial Day Weekend, was a great success!  It was so wonderful to talk to our customers face to face.  We enjoyed countless moments of touching inspiration and stories passed back and forth with all the fabulous people we met.  One woman in particular, stopped at our booth just to say, "Thank you for the wonderful work  you do, healing the world."  (Tikkun Olam) Her comment warmed our hearts and was greatly appreciated.  


A number of festival goers were so suprised to see us there and came up to the booth to display the BB Becker peices previously purchased at Curiosities and Starfish on their hands, wrists and necks!  It was great!


Our sweetest vistors were the little girls who would patiently read every quote within reach.  BB especially loved to hear them read aloud the "Guardian Angel" quote.  "I am sending an angel ahead of you to guide you along the way."


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