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River Oak Diamonds, retailer of BB Becker inspirational jewelry, in the UK, is celebrating it's first year in the MetroCentre Shopping Centre, Europe's largest shopping and leisure centre in Northeast England.  River Oak's founder, David Baker, is the UK and Europe's only fully bonded diamond specialist with an Accredited Jewelry Professional diploma from the GIA in London, as well as time studying diamonds in the US, under the world's #1 diamond advisor, 'The Diamond Guy' Fred Cueller, at Diamond Cutter's International in Houston, Texas.  Baker's company, River Oak Diamonds is named for a beautiful area near Houston, Rivers Oak!  David Baker has introduced the UK to BB Becker's inspirational jewelry and these new friends share stories of how BB Becker continues to be woven into the moments of their lives.  We love that!  


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A couple great stories from River Oak customers....

"A woman purchased the “Guardian Angel” ring from me this time last year.  She was telling me  616-705_ring
how she was at her lowest ebb in life, hence her decision to buy the ring.  This morning, she came to see me again, still wearing her “Guardian Angel” ring, but also showed me her new engagement ring!!  She’s since met the man of her dreams and said her life has been transformed since last year and said she has never taken her “Guardian Angel” ring off her finger since she bought it!  It means so much to her."


A young guy visited my shop last week with his family and purchased the ‘Paradise’ wrist-cord.  He had just recently climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro and said  they had been searching for something appropriate to recognize his achievement but couldn’t find anything suitable….until they walked past my shop window and seen the bracelets!  I thought that was aB-210-Z-143nother nice story.  Now this young man will always associate his/your cord bracelet with Mt. Kilimanjaro!"


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