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BB Becker in Uncommon Goods

Did you know that BB Becker, now has a piece in Uncommon Goods Magazine? Our Dear Daughter necklace made the cut and we are proud to be apart of this national catalog. We are currently looking to try out other styles with them.



Boulder Creek Festival

Boulder Creek Festival UPDATE!

BB Becker had a amazing time exhibiting at the Boulder Creek Festival! The team met so many great people and felt blessed to inspire them along their journey. We met a woman with stage three cancer who had finished her last round of treatment. She choose a beautiful piece from our collection the quote " Another day,  another blessing",  that inspired her to keep moving forward in her healing. Another woman was reconnecting with a past love after 20 years, he was flying to the States from the UK to reconnect with her. She choose a Serenity Prayer dog tag to honor his path to recovery. The stars of the weekend were all the children who stopped by. They all had the same chat with their parents to look with their eyes and not touch anything. Most children went to each piece and read the quote aloud, sounding out some of the words. The joy reflecting in their eyes was amazing and everyone who was around joined in. BB Becker team is looking forward to the Boulder Creek Festival next year and connecting with all the inspirational people around us.





Lapidary Journal Jewerly Artist


Make Your Mark

 BB Becker

"Jewelry designing had been a hobby. I used to gather used pieces in resale shops, tear them apart, and reconstruct designs for my wife. When I got the idea to engrave the Serenity Prayer on a bracelet, search engines were fairly new. I spent days looking for it on jewelry. Hard to believe today. I could'nt find it on anything, much less jewelry.

"Excited, I studied engraving methods, jewelry construction, and design techniques while obsessing on finding a way for my wife, Josephine's handwriting to be as legible and long lasting as possible. After two years of research, I developed a process to so just that and BB Becker was launched. Each piece is individually engraved, not cast or stamped, and is hand-forged.

"The technical process of my engraving is a trade secret but it starts with gathering quotations that offer inspiration, comfort, or wisdom. My wife writes the quote, and I carry it in my pocket thinking about the design it will rest on. Studying and practicing Chen style Tai Chi for over 30 years, the spiral movements, flow, energy and balance all come to play in my designs."


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