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You Are My Sunshine Necklace

You are my sunshine.

BB Becker sterling silver circle necklace with circle cutout in the center Engraved with a floral
Style #: 782-319
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She brightens every room she enters and makes everyone feel warm and loved; she is the sunshine of your life. This stunning sterling silver circle will reflect her one-of-a-kind brilliance.

The striking pendant is a nod to the sun’s astrological symbol, which is a circle within a circle. It represents wholeness and completeness, which makes this necklace the perfect gift for someone who completes you.

This token includes an artistic rendering of blooming plants. That’s because the sun makes everything bloom and the sunshine your special someone brings makes a smile bloom on your face. Return the favor with this special sterling silver gift.

Necklace Details
1 1/8” wide token with 20” Sterling Silver chain

BB Becker uses recycled sterling silver only in its production
All BB Becker's sliver pieces are hand made only
55 Reviews

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