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Change From The Inside - Old French Proverb Quote Bracelet

Change is a door that can only be opened from the inside.
~Old French Proverb

Origianl designer handcrafted bracelet engraved Change is a door that can only be opened from the inside.
Style #: 437-158
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This whimsical sterling silver bracelet celebrates change in so many ways. dainty chains lead to weighty loops. Momentum moves forward then shifts up and circles around to create a beautiful chaos.

It’s a bracelet that says, “Change starts within me. I embrace transformation. I am ready to take on something new.”

We engrave handwriting script onto the sterling silver plaque with a special proprietary process then hand-polish each piece.

Bracelet Details:
Sterling Silver Token  1 ¼” l x ½” w, Adjustable Link Bracelet 7”- 8” 

BB Becker uses recycled sterling silver only in its production
All BB Becker's sliver pieces are hand made only

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