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Bracelet Quote Our Lives Are Connected On Sterling Silver

Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads.
~Herman Melville

Intricate hand formed double chain link bracelet with Herman Melville quotation - Our lives are connected by a thousand invisible threads.
Style #: 474-706
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Dozens of bright sterling silver loops hug one another to represent the threads that hold us together. A thread we can feel but cannot see connects each and every soul and each and every action we take.

What a wonderful gift for someone who you feel deeply connected to. Think of all the threads that link a mother and daughter, a husband and wife, sisters, or very best friends. There are the shared experiences, inside jokes, moments of sheer joy, and times of sorrow. Every link adds to the unique story of your bond.

This is a piece of statement jewelry that will make people gasp and ask, “Where did you get that?” We use a special proprietary process to engrave the striking sterling silver token with Jo Becker’s distinctive script. Every piece is hand-polished to ensure each bracelet is as brilliant as your special connection.

Bracelet Details:
Sterling Silver Token 7/8” l x 1/2“ w, 7”-7 ½” 
Adjustable Chain Bracelet

BB Becker uses recycled sterling silver only in its production
All BB Becker's sliver pieces are hand made only

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