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St. Gregory Beyond Names - Quote Necklace

By what name shall we call You, You who are beyond all names?
~Gregory of Nyssa

Spiral Sterling Silver Pendant with Engraved Inspirational Quote:  By what name shall we call You, You who are beyond all names? ~Gregory of Nyssa
Style #: 853-189
BB Becker is unable to fill online orders until further notice due to a “Stay-at-Home” order from the Mayor of Denver.
Denver mayor issues stay-at-home order amid coronavirus outbreak
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The universe holds divine mystery; can we ever reach its center?

St. Gregory of Nyssa was a devout Christian whose family suffered persecution for their faith. The quiet philosopher believed God was an infinite, limitless, source of good with a greatness human minds could never comprehend.

This sterling silver swirl draws you into the knowledge-seeking experience. The spiral symbolizes a journey toward wisdom. As the journey unfolds, so does our consciousness.

This cyclical path repeats itself throughout the cosmos. From a massive galaxy to a miniscule snail shell. The spiral serves as a cosmic passage that eventually leads us to our very source.

Sterling Silver Necklace Details
7/8” diameter with 18” chain

BB Becker uses recycled sterling silver only in its production
All BB Becker's sliver pieces are hand made only

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