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Inspirational jewelry fashioned with the finest sterling silver and natural gemstones from Denver-based designer, BB Becker.  His wife, Mickie Jo's distinctive handwriting is present on each piece; a testament to their collaborative effort to bring positive, uplifting words in a beautiful form to the world.  If you want the finest jewelry engraved with inspirational messages for yourself or another this is where it can be found since 2001.




Feel free to submit a photo of you wearing your BB Becker here or to our Facebook to be added to our homepage.


“A tai chi instructor, Becker merely set out to share words from all the great spiritual teachers in his own artistic way.”

~ Al Lewis ~

Market Watch Wall Street Journal

“BB Becker’s tagline is “Healing the World with Words”…..paving the way for all the engraved word jewelry in the gift market today.”

~ Kathy Krassner ~

Gifts and Dec Magazine

“Practicing tai chi for over 30 years the spiral movements, flow, energy and balance all come into play in my designs.”

~ Deborah Yonick ~

Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist


Hello!  This is my first article!

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